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OFFICIAL! It is with huge excitement that I officially announce that Words can’t describe how I feel, I’m super excited to kick off the new year with my favorite company! I cannot thank such a generous company for picking me up and making my dreams come true!⚡️

Ever since I could remember I loved Charvel, my first guitar I truly fell in love with was a DeMartini Skull N Blood Model that I played relentlessly when learning to play! I remember talking to my buddies with great aspirations of what Charvel’s I would want to play and hopefully catch there attention, The nights I stayed up playing my Charvel learning solos from my favorite guitar players like Warren DeMartini and Jake E Lee being absolutely mesmerized by their playing and guitars. I can’t believe that i’m following in the foot steps of my heroes….I’m truly lost for words, Thank you to Charvel for this amazing opportunity, I will fly the Charvel Flag for as long as I live!!!⚡️⚡️⚡️


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