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Mickey Lyxx

Guitar / Vocals

Mickey Lyxx is a Guitarist from Long Island, New York. He's dedicated himself to the lifestyle of Heavy Metal and Guitar. With inspiration from Warren Demartini, Eddie Van Halen, and the teachings of Jacky Vincent, he showcases the Lyxx style, making a name in the guitar community.

Mickey Lyxx uses:

  • Charvel Guitars

  • Elixir Strings

  • EVH Guitars

  • EVH Amps 

  • Helix Multi-effects Processors

  • Instagram
Mickey Lyxx

Steve MacQueen


Steve MacQueen is a Drummer from Long Island, New York. He's known for being a very versatile drummer who will play any genre. With inspiration from Legends like Neil Peart, Simon Phillips and Thomas Lang, Steve showcases why he is the best, his drumming is truly the definition of next level.

Steve uses:

  • Sabian cymbals 

  • Pro-mark sticks 

  • Dw (Drum Workshop drums) 

  • Evans drum heads 

  • Remo dampeners 

  • Tama hardware 

  • Instagram
Steve MacQueen
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