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Rising from a small town in Long Island NY Mickey grew up listening to such bands as Van Halen, Falling In Reverse, Santa Cruz, etc. Music would always be a huge part in Mickey’s life until one day Mickey would decide to pickup the axe, Throughout the years Mickey would study under the like of guitarists like Kieran McAufflie, Mrs. Smith and Jacky Vincent before showcasing his craft. In July of 2019 Mickey Lyxx would be born starting on Instagram, Mickey would shred covers from artists like Whitesnake, Ratt, Steel Panther, etc. Mickey put out covers until he found a passion for writing and recording in which he fell in love with, Eventually it led up to the release of Mickey’s first Single “Defiance” which would rack up over 10K views on Youtube and put himself on the map, Since than Mickey has been released Singles pretty consistently racking up over 10K views on each single he releases! Since April of 2021 Mickey has assembled his band tearing up the local and global scene bringing life to Old School Rock and Shred! As his fan base grew so did his accolades even winning awards like Elephant Indie Music Award Best Metal Single (1849)! In September of 2021 Mickey Lyxx would sign on his first endorsement with one of his favorite brands Elixir Strings. December of 2021 would be the release of “Freezing Speed” Mickey’s debut album containing his work from October of 2020 to November of 2021, the album contains special guests like Mark DiCarlo and Jacky Vincent to put it over the edge! In early 2022 Mickey would ink a deal with Charvel Guitars engraving his name into a legacy in which such players like Eddie Van Halen, Warren DeMartini, Jake E Lee, etc. are apart of. 


In August of 2022 Mickey would join “Holy Mother”, A NY based band fronted by singer Mike Tirelli. Mickey has since toured Europe a handful of times playing huge festivals like Wacken Open Air and playing with acts like Doro Pesch! Present day Mickey spends his time playing all around the world, sharing his passion for his instrument, and most importantly enjoying every minute of it!

Mickey Lyxx Charvel
Mickey Lyxx Elixir

Mickey Lyxx uses:

  • Charvel Guitars

  • Elixir Strings

  • EVH Guitars

  • EVH Amps 

  • Helix Multi-effects Processors

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