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Doro/Holy Mother March 2024✅

6 Germany Shows 🎸

6 Sell Outs🎟️

10K+ Fans ⚡️

On behalf of Holy Mother I would like to say a great THANK YOU to all of you wonderful fans! Each show was an absolute blast! From relentless head banging to singing your hearts out, You guys rocked!

HUGE THANK YOU to Doro Pesch and her wonderful band aswell for being such talented musicians and great people as well! You can find all of them here!

Doro Pesch (@dorometalqueen ) 👸🎤

Bill Hudson (@billhudsongtr ) 🎸

Bas Maas (No Social Media) 🎸

Stefan Herkenhoff (@herkenhoff_official )🎸⚽️

Johnny Dee (@deedrums ) 🥁

And huge thank you to the stage crew and sound each night for really bringing out the best in both bands! This is only the start of great things folks, Stay Tuned!!!⚡️🔥🤘🏻

Holy Mother
Holy Mother


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